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Company Profile

D.K. Metal Works was founded on 1st April 1998 and became a registered and fully equipped established company on 1st April 2005.  DK Metal Works was promoted by Mr. Rattan Lal, who has rich experience of more than 45 years in this Field. Most of the spare & jobs have been done under his guidance / supervision as an import substitute for Sugar Mills, Paper Plants and Power Sector. We provide our services across nation along with guarantee of satisfactory experience. We have good hands-on experience in machinery jobs along with a good client list. We have a very decent and capable machine shop equipped with all latest measuring & inspection facilities to provide best services to our clients.

It has been long time that we are giving services to our clients and with time, we have developed expertise in our job. Some of the clients are enjoying our services since many years. Our expertise and experience keeps clients happy and maintain long-term business relationships. Some of our clients that take regular services are Triveni Engineering Industries ltd, TEIL Business Turbine Group, Sugar units and many more.

Our firm is registered with Ghaziabad as small-scale industry. We are also registered with sales tax Department with all legal formalities like CST, STC & Pan Number.

Job done / can be undertaking for sugar mills

  • Continuous centrifugal machine basket all types shafts NK1100, NK1300, NK1503, DC10, DC12, KCP1350 and 750kg, 1000kg, 1250kg, all batch type & machine basket with shaft in S.S., M.S.
  • All types of bearing housing of centrifugal machine.
  • Molasses guide Ring, Top Ring, Cleaning Ring.
  • Supporting liner for all types of basket.
  • SS Cladding Of All Kinds Spider Hub.

Turbine parts & Alternator

  • Labby Holder
  • White metal bearing
  • Carbon rings

Dynamic Balancing

  • All types of Continuous Centrifugal Machines & Batch Type machine NK1100, NK1300, NK1503, DC10, DC1200, and NK1750 Etc.
  • Pulley, Wheels.
  • All types of turbine rotor, pinion shaft gear alternator rotor etc.
  • ID, FD Fans Blower etc. OD. 2500mm.
  • Can chopper, Labeler shaft, fibrizer cutter up to 17000Kg.
  • Hydro turbine runner & motor rotor’s all types.
  • All types of pump rotor assembly.
  • All types of fly wheels ci, ms OD 2700mm.

Objectives of our company

  • Increase customer satisfaction index.
  • On time delivery.
  • Improve Quality of products.
  • Solidify the foundation quality to meet the demands of customer.